Enjoying Good Form?


Take your progress to the next level with our Good Form Running 2 class found below. Registration has a one-time fee of $100.

This four-week class is for those wishing to take their Good Form training to the next level! While it is not mandatory, it is very helpful to take our free Intro to Good Form Running clinic to gain a basic understanding of the concepts and terminology we'll use in this class.


This class will meet for an hour, once per week, for four weeks. We'll progress through different drills that build upon the concepts learned in Intro to Good Form Running. The exercises and drills are designed to retrain your mind and your body to make Good Form Running your new norm. You'll receive daily take-home drills to do in between class sessions that'll further develop your muscle memory and understanding of how Good Form Running should feel. You will also receive videos demonstrating various warm up, cool down, strengthening and stretching exercises.


We will take slow-motion video of you running at various speeds during each class and determine your RunForm score based on different metrics. This will allow us to track your progress over the four week period, so we can see your biggest areas of improvement.

Sign up today to help us teach you to run faster, easier, and healthier!

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